Never have to worry again, about what to eat. We will educate and guide you on a sustainable, healthy diet!

Do you want to know what micronutrients you are missing in your body? Do you know that symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms could be related to nutritional deficits? A functional medicine approach covers all these with highly specialized tests that check for cellular health, gut health, mold, environmental toxins, allergies… and in-depth visits as we know that more complex patients need more time, unlike conventional medicine where time is a limiting factor.

Many patients report more energy and improvement in symptoms after correcting their deficiencies and reduction in the burden of disease and inflammation.

Rekha Murali M.D. takes a functional and holistic approach to wellness, based on the scientific makeup of your body.  She helps you reclaim your health using the latest advances in nutrition, scientific research, and personalized coaching sessions customized to your specific needs.

Dr. Murali has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and specializes in precision medical treatments that naturally and holistically target the root cause of chronic illness. This is achieved without harsh Rx prescription medications that often mask symptoms.

If you’re looking to regain the energy you once had, reverse your diabetes, and reduce your medication, Dr. Murali can help you! Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.,


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TAKE THE NEXT STEP and check your medical symptom questionnaire  (to assess your disease burden) and find out

These scores reflect the severity of your disease.


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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Lose weight and detox, eating healthy meals using the latest advances in nutrition.  Most fad diets are often more destructive than helpful and cause you to yo-yo up and down, taking a toll on your body.  There’s a better approach, to lose the weight and heal your inner micro environment using functional medicine principles.

Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes Reversal

It is possible to reduce or get off your diabetes medications under our guidance by using a root cause approach. Depending on how many medications you are on, the disease burden, and your gut health we may be able to help reduce your medications and help balance your sugars. Our program has been researched for the past 5 years.

Dementia Reversal

Dementia Reversal

We are currently in the process of getting certified for holistic treatment and reversal of Alzheimer’s dementia, based on the latest research and findings from UCLA neurologist, Dr. Dale Bredesen.  We are seeing best results from early-stage cases, so contact us now.



Dr. Murali M.D. is an internal medicine physician. She did her internal medicine residency in Los Angeles and is a certified functional medicine practitioner with Institute for Functional Medicine(IFM). She also is a certified health coach.

With nearly three decades of dedication to holistic and functional nutrition and wellness Counseling, Dr. Murali makes it possible for patients to take charge of their bodies and make lasting and sustainable differences in their health.

Dr. Rekha Murali

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Allopathic medicine is much needed and appreciated, but there are many gaps in the traditional approach. Functional medicine helps bridge these gaps to help you recover your potential to a healthier life.

Reclaim Your Health with a Functional Medicine Approach


We are a wellness clinic that aims to deliver personalized care tailored to your needs.

Functional medicine is a root cause approach used in chronic disease to help reduce or reverse illnesses by natural means. We offer the latest research in nutrition to make changes to your genetic expression, called epigenetics, and optimize your health.

This includes emphasis on your mental health, sleep, diet, and exercise, and more in-depth testing using highly specialized labs, so that we can chart out a well-balanced nutritional program for you. This will include a diet plan and supplements suited to your body type.

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