Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is Personalized Medicine

I call it precision medicine, or new age medicine. The allopathic medicine that I’ve been practicing for years is behind in looking into the ROOT CAUSE for chronic disease, despite more than 8,000 studies published in the last few years alone, linking gut health to a whole array of chronic diseases.

Functional MedicineToxins in our environment, as well as in foods, infections (that could be viral, bacterial, or fungal), genetic evaluation, mold exposure, poor eating habits, and stress all lead to Micronutrient Malnutrition. This causes the dysfunction of different body systems, leading to chronic illness.

To return to good health, it is critical that you are evaluated correctly and treated appropriately.

Using our highly specialized labs and assessments, we can plan out a strategy on how to proceed with your diet, nutrition, and supplements. We also pay attention to your mental health, which has a great impact on your gut health and recovery process.

Unlike allopathic medicine, there is not a one size fits all approach. We individualize your treatment plan according to what we find. Two people with the same disease may be given different diet plans and supplements.