Price Plan

We are a cash-based practice. We do not accept any insurance. Ask about our easy payment plans.

We are currently not contracted with any insurance.  We do not supply superbills. However, you can claim your expenses for visits, our wellness programs, or supplements with your HSA card ( Health Savings Account) or FSA card(Flexible Savings Account).

We offer a free 30 minute 1:1 consultation first to assess your needs and to see how we can benefit you.

Subsequent consultations are $425 per hour. During the first paid consultation, we will review your medications, diagnosis, or conditions and review your past history, labs, and other medical records, and our questionnaires, before we can formulate a plan on how to proceed with your care.

Please keep in mind, that we are practicing a functional medicine approach, very different from allopathic medicine. Your response to our diets, supplements, and other recommendations can vary, from person to person. Some may note a quicker recovery,  versus some, may take longer to recover. This also depends on how consistent your visits are, how your diet goes (sometimes by trial and error, or with labs we order, diets may change periodically). In general, recovery is slower, and healing takes time as we are treating the root cause, as we uncover more, with our highly specialized labs.

Our mission is to spend time(unlike in allopathic medicine), delving in deeper to practice root cause medicine, so that you can benefit in improving your health and reducing your medications, and reducing your total disease burden inside out.



Reduce your risk for heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, and other long-term complications. Learn how food affects your moods, sleep, aches and pains and feel improved mental clarity as you complete this program. You will lose some weight and also lower your blood pressure if you are on pills, we will monitor you. We will educate you on what foods are best for you and how to remain on a more sustainable diet at the end.

Note: results vary from person to person depending on how many pills you are on, how long you have been diabetic, and your imbalances in your inner environment, specifically, gut health. Some of you may notice improvements in as little as 2-3 weeks, while others in 4-6 weeks.

For most of you, once on reduced doses or off pills after this workshop, we may also recommend a micronutrient analysis or other tests, so we can reduce inflammation for even better long-term results.


One free 30-minute free discovery call to assess if you are a good fit- ($215 value for free)

4 weekly 60-90 minute appointments plus 2 additional weekly visits ($ 900 value) to review your history, medications, diet, and food plan and to educate you, so you can understand better how your diabetes healing will occur.

Includes your supplements ($250 value)

Free health coaching ($800 value) on how to achieve your goals, best nutritional practices, how to shop and read labels, and what foods are highest in antioxidants to benefit you the most, easy quick whole food recipes are included.

You will need to maintain a log of your daily weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, and food log as well.

Our personal guarantee or your money back for our workshop.

We are currently running our beta testing program so take advantage of our low rates.

Cost: Rates are $5200. Use discount code if any. Only 4 spots remain for July.

We also offer appointments with Dr. Murali on an individual basis for those not wanting to join the workshop so you can recover at your own pace or if you have too many digestive issues or too many other diseases. All this will be discussed at your free 30-minute appointment. Additional appointments are $425 per hour.



Most patients along with weight loss notice relief from aches and pains, reduced bloating, better sleep, reduced constipation, fewer migraine headaches, and better moods. Improvements in depression and feeling lighter are also what many people report. Check out our testimonials.


6 weekly group coaching and interactive sessions

Daily recipes and meal preps with coaching sessions

Daily food log and weight log to be submitted weekly

One free discovery call for 30 minutes prior to enrollment ($200 value)

Supplements for gut healing provided ($250 value)

Educational sessions to help you understand in an easy and fun way why we detox and what’s involved.


Normally, the price for this program is $3,200 for individuals but now discounted to $2200. Group enrollment is $2200 and we have a discount rate of $1200 for now.  Until July 1st, 2021 after which, we close our registration!

Call us today (562)650-5141 or email us, check out our website and subscribe to get more offers or information on our new programs.

We also offer health coaching for weight loss for groups for 6 weeks with 6 weekly coaching sessions of up to 60 minutes each($999) as well as individuals (the cost is $2200 for 6 weeks with weekly up to 60 minutes each).

Ask about our payment option plans, best suited for your needs.


$999 for a 6 weeks 


  • Meet with Dr. Murali virtually every week for 6 weeks, for up to 60 minutes in our group coaching, fun, interactive and educational sessions
  • Latest well researched nutritional diets  
  • Whole food-based, healthy recipes with daily food logs, daily weights, and  water logs to be maintained 
  • Group health coaching has been shown to be very beneficial for best outcomes