Retreat Testimonials

I had a wonderful experience at the Mount Madonna Retreat, led by Dr. Rekha Murali. Our daily schedule was well-organized and the setting was ideal. The retreat was nicely balanced between early morning yoga and meditation, and learning and getting help from the wellness experts, still leaving us some time to explore the beautiful surroundings. The sessions on stress management, Ayurvedic nutrition and organic gardening inspired me to care more for my mind and body. The meals were nutritious and vegetarian which helped us with our special diet. Our room was perfect. Massage was so much needed.

I express my thanks and gratitude for the care, concerns and love you showed to Reggie with his disability in walking. Meant a lot to me. You made me feel like family. We also made new friends and look forward to maintaining those connections. What impressed me the most though was the encouragement I received to find the connection and the truth that was pertinent to each of us as individuals on our own path of personal wellness. I will continue to find more and more ways to live in the moment and be present. I feel well served and rejuvenated to follow through on my journey to wellness.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience and I look forward to attending your retreat again.”

~B. Ram

“At first I was very hesitant of coming…my experience was just beautiful and I have really enjoyed every moment of it. Well-presented and lots of information. I would encourage all to come and experience this for yourselves.”

~R. Ram

“The program was very well thought out to include all areas that affect stress and had great, knowledgeable speakers presenting. I enjoyed the massage and playing time that was scheduled. I would probably add [meditation] walks or meditative activities such as art/calligraphy or painting. The group was really friendly, inclusive and easy to be with. With much gratitude, looking forward to the next retreat. I would also suggest to start 10 AM Friday as it’s hard for people to be away mid-week/Wednesday from family.” 

​ ~S. Farzanell

“This retreat was well timed after the holidays and family stressors. I really needed the cozy comfort and intimate space Dr. Murali created in this workshop. The informative presentation, calming yoga, mindfulness presentation, acupuncture presentation, Ayurvedic presentation were all very intriguing, stock full of information, entertaining and emerging. Loved the gardening.”  

~S. Hirbod

The stress management weekend was very ideal for me. I learned many things and hopefully will implement it to my daily routine. I enjoyed all the yoga classes and many classes Dr. Murali provided. It was a very relaxed and a worry free weekend. Thank you Dr. Murali, I hope you have more classes in the future. The massage was also fantastic!” 

​ ~S. Vafi