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There are many studies linking chronic illnesses to an imbalanced gut.

Leaky gut is a symptom, and is not a diagnosis. In medical terms, it is called increased permeability of the gut. It can be caused by certain foods, or can be associated with many foods, infections, or related to poor mental health, as well as stress and many other causes. Leaky gut is associated with inflammation and an imbalance in the gut microbiome(bacteria).

Foods like gluten(glue like) can cause damage to the gut lining as they are large proteins and result in leaky gut. Leaky gut  makes you more vulnerable to toxins, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Damage to the gut lining, then, can cause poor nutrition due to impaired absorption of nutrients, even though you may be eating the most healthy foods.

We also, offer tests for micronutrients, toxicities as needed, as leaky gut, can lead to poor nutrition, causing or complicating your illness.

We use the latest advances in nutrition, to guide you on the best diets, based on your symptoms, testing, and other valuable information we obtain. The functional medicine approach has improved the lives of many people, and you can get there too.

Gut rebalancing takes longer to heal because we aim to reset your gut mucosa and reinstate healthy gut bacteria so that you can go out with family and friends without having to worry about your next visit to the bathroom. Eating the right foods helps, but not unless you reset your gut mucosa.

Many studies and research show that leaky gut due to gut inflammation can lead to many diseases.


All our programs are very economical. A root cause approach, may seem expensive up front. However, in an allopathic approach, most people end up on many medications, have numerous doctor visits to their primary care practitioner, as well as specialists, hospitalizations, more testing and in the long run, the cost of care is very high, apart from causing physical and mental pain. This puts a heavy burden, also on patients who are in distress, as well as their families and care takers.

With a root cause approach, focusing on lifestyle changes for both better physical and mental health, we are able to help patients get back to a healthier lifestyle, with reduced cost and better health for the long term.

6 Week Group Program 

The goals of our program, is, to replace poor lifestyle, with more beneficial habits over the 6 weeks. Old habits are hard to get rid off. However, with a group approach, there is more accountability, making our program more successful, along with individual care as well. We want to foster fun, educational and interactive visits to benefit all.

Many studies show the power of group visits.

We offer 2 private telemedicine visits and unlimited support via messaging on our secure electronic health record system, 6 weekly group sessions of 60 minutes to include educational sessions to start building better eating habits, exercises or movements, meditation and breathing exercises. A food and activity weekly log is given to be submitted,  and 1 lab test included ($450 value). Each week everyone, will be given a food group that needs to be excluded, and steps to incorporate that. There will be many handouts, recipes shared throughout, to make it easier to follow.

You must be ready to submit you last labs done in the last 6 months if you are in good health or last 3 months if you are on a lot of medications with many medical conditions, as this is a medically supervised program(complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, Vit D, HbA1C).


This program is good for you if you have acid reflux, migraine headaches, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, obesity, gut problems like bloating, IBS, IBD, or autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s, or Lupus and want to be get better, if you have tried all and failed and want to try our holistic approach and you are willing to make those changes that are personalized for you.

Most patients will feel some improvement with the diet and exercises we recommend, anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Improvement in symptoms, can range from reduced burping, better asthma control, less acid reflux and less allergies, reduced joint pains, better sleep, less anxiety and depression,  and weight loss. Due to group accountability, better compliance is observed. Results may vary from person to person.

We accept HSA/FSA cards

If you feel you are ready to improve your health, call us to  (510)724-6712 or email us murali@rekhamuralimd.com to get your FREE 15 minute consultation to see if you are a good fit.


I sought out help from Dr. Murali for severe GERD/ hiatal hernia/reflux and was taking too many antacids which had led to osteopenia and several broken bones.

However, I was also suffering from asthmatic bronchitis (severe coughing) and shortness of breath, breakthrough migraines (despite many medications) and quite severe dryness everywhere mouth, eyes, skin etc.

After only 2 months on the diet she gave me, I was down to 1-2/day of Prilosec (from 4-6). But my asthma, migraines, dryness, chronic bronchitis have all pretty much cleared up or at least improved greatly which was not expected at all!! While I was considering surgery for the hernia repair before, that is definitely off the table now and Dr. Murali was a real heroine for me. Thank you so much!

~ Amy K.