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Reclaim Your Health Today!

Are you tired of managing your diabetes and complications as well, with uncontrolled sugars despite your diet, medications and doctor visits, and mounting costs?

It’s time to break free and embrace a new chapter of your life.

Introducing our groundbreaking 4-month diabetes type 2 healing program.

Precision medicine at its best!

Using a personalized  approach, we focus on healing your gut as well as increasing insulin sensitivity.  We will work to reset your gut mucosa, reinstate healthy gut bacteria, and help you eat the right foods so that your friendly gut bacteria thrive. By doing this, we stabilize your blood sugars and reduce your need for harsh diabetes medications.

Discover the Power of Root Cause Approach

Deep dive into the root causes. We believe in addressing the underlying factors that contribute to the development of diabetes, we are able to offer you a sustainable path towards true health restoration. We will educate on your journey and provide you with all the resources you need during this healing journey.

Reap the Benefits: Restore Your Vitality

Experience a remarkable transformation as your energy levels skyrocket. No more feeling exhausted and drained. Our program is designed to revitalize you from within, so you can enjoy a zestful and vibrant life once again!

Achieve Restful Sleep: Wake up Rejuvenated

Say goodbye to restless nights. We understand the impact of poor sleep on diabetes management. Through our personalized strategies, we will guide you towards achieving consistent and restorative sleep patterns. Awaken refreshed, ready to face each day with renewed vigor.

 Regulate Your Sugars: Take Control of Your Health

It’s time to reclaim control over your blood sugar levels. Our program combines the power of targeted nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments to bring balance back to your body. Say goodbye to unpredictable sugar spikes and frustrating blood sugar fluctuations.

 Gradually Reduce Medication: Embrace a Medication-Free Life

We believe in your body’s incredible ability to heal itself. As you progress through our program, you may experience positive changes that could allow for the reduction or even elimination of diabetes medication. Embrace a future free from pills and embrace a sustainable and healthier way of life.

 Expert Support Every Step of the Way

You won’t be on this journey alone. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will accompany you throughout your 4-month program. They will provide expert guidance, continuous support, and personalized advice tailored to meet your individual needs.

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I was on metformin for 8 years. My numbers were very inconsistent. This was the time to change my lifestyle as I could not see my numbers going high all the time. My fasting numbers were consistently 160-175, I was frustrated, anxious, and ready to change myself.

Dr. Murali is a great coach, we started slowly cutting some foods out of the diet, and slowly implementing early dinner, week-by-week analysis of fasting, and after meals review of the blood glucose levels, everything was systematically logged, including weight, and by the end of 4 weeks, I was able to get off of metformin and able to lose weight as well. Everything was monitored, right from my fasting levels, dinner levels, and random sugar levels. She helped me to inculcate breathing exercises into my daily routine. We met every week, discussed what changes to be implemented, and added vitamins and supplements to our diet.

It was an amazing 8 weeks of the journey and I couldn’t thank Dr Murali enough for helping me change my lifestyle. Now my sugar levels are anywhere between 120-130, It’s a journey and I am hoping to get it further down with the help of Dr. Murali. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, especially people with Type 2 Diabetics. Please give it a try and you won’t regret it. Must try for people who are struggling to reduce their fasting numbers.

~ Hema. I.

Call us now to get your free 15 minute consultation (510)724-6712



Initial visit will be to review your medical records, your history, medications, diet and food plan and to chart out a path to follow that will be personalized to your requirements.


Visits are weekly initially for 6 weeks (in person or virtually) followed by every other week for the remainder of the program, to review your diet, blood sugars, your weight among others. Supplements are recommended according to your needs. We will create a personal health roadmap for your treatment. Each week your diet modifications will be done to improve insulin sensitivity and lower your blood sugars while we taper you off your medications. During all these visits, you will join educational sessions to improve your understanding of diabetes and your response to foods, and how they affect your sugars. We will let you leave our program on a sustainable diet that you can follow.

Let’s see if this program is the right fit for you.

By completing our program, you can reduce your burden of disease, get on reduced doses or off your medications, get better sleep and control your sugars better. Call us today (510)724-6712 or email murali@rekhamuralimd.com



With diabetes, there are many things to consider. Yo-yo diets don’t help, and multiple medications and uncontrolled sugars can cause silent strokes and heart attacks which are often times missed. Factor in the cost of multiple complications like heart disease or kidney disease, multiple doctor visits, endless tests and appointments, stress, depression, and sleepless nights…This program is designed to take back control of your life, optimize your health and understand and apply what you learn to make your life healthier. You can look forward to reducing your risk of long term complications, and your cost of health care and get a better quality of life in the long term.

Let’s see if this program is the right fit for you.